Multi Monitor Options

I have no idea if this suggestion is even possible, but when using Scrivener in Full Screen mode with multiple monitors, I would love to be able to drag things like Word Documents or Firefox windows onto my second monitor.
The obvious fix is just to make use a new desktop with Scrivener as the only thing on it, hide the dock, and have those things open on the other monitor’s desktop. So this may be more complicated to add than it’s worth. But I thought I would ask! :slight_smile:

Do you mean in Lion’s full screen mode (as opposed to “Composition Mode”)? If so, I’m afraid this just isn’t technically possible - it’s a limitation that Apple has imposed on full screen mode. There have been a number of complaints over on the Apple developer forums about this, with developers protesting at how secondary screens are rendered essentially useless (except for windows from the same application) in full screen mode, so if Apple listens it may change in the future, I suppose, but unfortunately it’s out of my hands.

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