Multi-page tables and MMD -> Latex or PDF


I’m just getting to grips with the MMD syntax and Scrivener in general. I’ve noticed that when I export a particularly long table which spans multiple pages, it doesn’t! Instead, it runs off the page and does not make another appearance. This happens using both the MMD -> pdf and MMD -> Latex export options.

To the best of my knowledge that is a limitation of the tabulary style tables that MultiMarkdown prefers. With vanilla tabular environments, you can simply throw the longtable package into your preamble and get a decent multi-page result. But longtable is not compatible with tabulary, and I am unaware of any glue .sty between them, as there is with tabularx. So the alternatives as I see it, in descending order of difficulty:

  1. Switch to using the XSLT post-processing, and write a custom .xslt file that modifies how MultiMarkdown creates tables, so that you can use either tabularx or stock tabular, then just toss \usepackage{longtable} into the preamble somewhere. This option requires programming.
  2. Search for something that will let you combine tabulary with longtable. There are much better venues on the Internet for asking questions about LaTeX than here, and with a few quick searches I found a few promising leads (but I did not test them). This option would require a simple .tex file to be created in ~/Library/texmf/tex/latex/mmd with the preamble code you found on the 'net, then adding the name of this .tex file to your Meta-Data compile option pane with the key, “LaTeX Input”. In short, you do not need any advanced skills; just a little knowledge of how to wire together LaTeX tweaks in MMD3+Scrivener.
  3. Just do what I do and when it gets down to the point where the content of the table is stable, cut it by hand into multiple tables. You can find an example of this on page 491 of the Scrivener user manual PDF. The Appearance custom colour settings table was too long for one page, so it has been cut into two tables.

The last option is by far the easiest, and so long as the table content isn’t fluctuating frequently, it’s probably the best option too. The only issue I have with it is that it does not indicate that there is more table content on the following page.

Thanks for replying, AmberV. I may just take the plunge and actually learn how to code in LaTeX. Scrivener makes it very easy to export specific subsets of a project and I could then insert these in to a LaTex template, while maintaining the option to export the project in its entirety in other formats where this is not going to be an issue.

I couldn’t find anything that specifically linked tabulary and longtable, so my searching skills are clearly not on a par with yours! Still if I find a method along the lines of option 2, I’ll post it in case any other users have a similar issue and don’t want to learn LaTeX.