Multi Projects Opened Simultaneously

There are two issues with having more than one Scrivener project opened at the same time.

  1. Switching between documents through the “Window” menu forces the other project to display in a less than maximized display, if the window of the other project was previously maximized. If one of the projects is not maximized, switching to it displays the project in the size and position as you last saw it (as expected). So, the problem is only when switching to a project that was maximized (it is changed to unmaximized).

  2. There is no optional tab feature like in the Mac 3 version to switch between projects. This would be a benefit for those users that find it more manageable to work with tabs rather then switching via a menu or Windows’ keys. It would also match the Mac feature which is the goal of version 3.

I also observe this.

Since I’m strictly a Windows user I was never aware of this capability in the Mac version. Perhaps this will be added. There is an add-in app that I’ve found very useful that I believe provides this functionality, not just within Scrivener, but across anything you have open in Windows. It’s called “Tidy Tabs.” I’ve been using it for several months; it’s small, stable, and works well. It can be found here:

There’s a free version that has somewhat restricted functionality and a “professional” version for $9 that provides all of the functionality. I’ve found it really useful for managing multiple Scrivener projects.

Very interesting program. It does have drawbacks like getting in the way of my browser tabs (no way to quickly hide) so I have to Exclude. Also you can’t “Goup All”. Renaming is DUMB since it is only renamed for that session.