Multi-Scene Word Count


I would like to suggest a tweak / improvement in the word count display for when multiple scenes are selected.

If you notice the title, it says “Multiple Selection: <whatever scene you’re in>”, so it’s obvious Scrivener already knows the current scene, despite being part of a multiple selection…

Down at the bottom, it shows you the TOTAL word count for the entire selection, but I am ‘wishing for’ a secondary word counter to show the count for the current scene that you’re in… so maybe, “TOTAL COUNT (scene count)”, with the current scene count in parenthesis after the overall count.

I think that would be a helpful thing to have / know


You can easily fetch that total when you want it:

  1. On macOS: Hit ⌥⌘A (the Edit ▸ Select ▸ Select Current Text menu command). This confines the selection to the current scrivenings section.
  2. On Windows (for now): Ctrl+A, since each scrivenings section is in its own editor, you can’t select outside of it anyway.

Since the current selection is always counted in the footer bar, this achieves what you’re looking for.

A alternative approach (and one which I prefer since you don’t lose the cursor position) is to quickly hit ⌘4 / Ctrl+4 (the Navigate/Go To/Editor Selection command, which in this context serves to isolate the current scrivening by itself) followed by the Back button in the header bar, ⌘[ / Ctrl+[.

I do this now. But why can’t you all just toss it in at the bottom? Since you already know it.