Multi Select

Hey Sriveners

there are these custom meta fields that could be defined. Is it possible to get a multiselect field?

Please, please, please.

Doesn’t the List allow for multi-select with the Ctrl/Cmd key?

Are you referring to having checkboxes to select between custom fields?


oh, you made me think with that. But the apple-evergreen-easteregg-key is the option key.:wink: I don’t know if it allows to - maybe - I tried, but it didn’t work with that user… yet.

I just thougtht of multiple selection out of a list… and as it is I don’t want to see the whole list in the end. checkboxes -why not - so that there shows up a long list in the drowdown and I select a few. But most cases where I saw this were webdesign solutions… displayed as boardered text, and on mouseover there’s shows up an x to deselect - you remember…
But what I just saw. the keywords would do it too. they don’t show up in the right click menu but thats fine. And here’s what Antoni said and surely meant: multi select with cmd key. Okay… okay…
And they are sortable in hierarchies - wow! I don’t know if I’ve ever seen that with keywords or tags before. This must have led to an oscar nomination in the category best keyword ideas.
this directly brings me straight to my next wish/question - but I’ve to check first, maybe it does it already. :slight_smile: