multi-selection into title adjustment


When trying to set my compilation, I need to select several time the option “do not add prefix or suffix to documents”. When clicking on one document, it close the selection pannel and I have to re-do the operation for each document.
When the selection and draft structure is a bit complex it is a bit long.
It would be good to be able to do a multi selection and then validate.


Generally, this isn’t something you should need to do for many documents - is this not something you could achieve better using different formatting for different levels of documents?

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Actually, I am trying to achieve the structure exposed in the post:
But it has actually more elements before and after the part where I want the prefix to be applied.

To do so I am trying different combination with <$hn> or <$n:chapt> into the document name and/or into the suffix.

I think I get your point by using different levels, for instance create a folder level1 where I put 3 folder, into the second folder I create my folder structure for the development and apply the suffix only folder level 2.
This could be a way but I am afraid that the <$hn> tag I am trying to use will render a 3.1.1 when 1.1 is intended.
That is why I was thinking of not applying the prefix/suffix and not create another level

Could you post a screenshot of your binder along with a description of which titles you don’t want the prefix added to? (I know you’ve listed the structure, but I’m very visual and seeing the binder itself will help me get a better grip of how this could be achieved.)

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The structure is quite long so it takes 2 screen shots.
Into the draft, I don’t want the prefix to be applied onto the:

-Pages pré-texte (and their sub-documents)
-Introduction (and their sub documents)
-Conclusion (and their sub documents)
-Annexes (and their sub documents)
-Compléments (and their sub documents)
-the document named “numérotation spécifique” (FYI:it is a fantom doc that I use only to start a specific numbering element)

As you can see there are a lot of elements I don’t want to apply the prefix to.
Actually I tried to put the <$hn> into the title where I want the numbering to occur (that is how I endend with the case described in the post viewtopic.php?f=17&t=21902).
It works.

I was just wondering if there was a way to do it in one action (i.e have a multi-selection panel to not apply the prefix) instead of having to put a numbering into the title.
I know that is require development time but I was thinking that the prefix/suffix tool allow a special presentation (like including returns, little image etc.) that putting numbering into title could not achieve.

For my specific need I have a solution(I already selected the documents I don’t want the prefix to be applied to), it was just a suggestion that would have help others (maybe…).