Multi-touch gestures


Is there any way to set up multi-touch gestures for Go To Previous and Next Documents? I find myself trying the three finger swipe, but to no avail.



At the moment, Scrivener supports a few multi-touch gestures, but nothing like what you’re after I think. Here’s a recent quote from Keith:

Meanwhile, you can always use keyboard shortcuts for the Go To (opt-cmd-up/down arrow–or override them with your own via System Preferences) or hit the up/down arrows in the top right of the editor header.

Another thing you can do is try Better Touch Tool. It’s a utility that takes full advantage of your multi-touch track-pad, and lets you pass that on to anything on your system. You can set up global gestures, or gestures just for specific applications. For example, you could set up three finger left and right swipes to navigate history by having them trigger Cmd-[ and Cmd-] shortcuts in Scrivener—then the the same for up and down swipes with the shortcuts MM points out. It works with the Magic Mouse as well as the track pad.

Thanks MM,

When you said top right corner, I realized I was talking about the wrong thing. I was actually looking to find gesture support for “Show Last/Next last document viewed.”

In light of that, thanks AmberV for referring me to BetterTouchTool. It works amazing! Exactly what I was looking for.


Oh well, those are the arrows on the left side. :slight_smile: But Ioa’s recommended tool looks snazzy, so yay.