Multi-Voices : Text to Speech : Within Scrivener


Hmmm. I feel a covert advertisement coming on. :unamused:


This appears to be one of the most salient multi-voice desktop TTS products for the Mac - possibly the only one (I don’t know).

Sounds cool. Is it an audio book?

Sorry, nothing to offer here. Can I ask, did you use Dragon Dictation?


How? Is this something you want to share, or are you just teasing and wasting our time :unamused:

I was toying with the idea of Text to speech a while back and tried to figure out a way to make use of Vocaloid/Pocaloid. Using a karaoke hybrid for natualized speech and its nuances. What you described is what I’d like down the road for writing, and listening. But I didn’t get far in my attempts.

Hello All,

I began using a single Computer Voice to read my writing back to me, then discovered I could use Codes within Scrivener to have Multi-Characters read the text.

I took the Writing a Step Further and turned the Writing into a Multi-Media Presentation. (Future Enhanced EBook?)

Here’s a Video of a Project I am working on I call the process and product: MediaFlow.

I think of it as a New Medium.

I’d Appreciate any Comments, Discussion, Input, or Ideas. Email Me direct if you like:

This is a single Canto of DESIDERATA: The Last Paradise.
This was written and coded within Scrivener. The Voices Narrates, while my Characters speak in their own voice.

I added some of my own music… I think of it as a Novel with a SoundTrack…

I’ m also working on a similar project for Music and Lyrics with Pink Floyd’s : Dark Side of the Moon. Using Voice, Images, Video, and other graphic techniques… It’s turning out quite well.

Again, I used Scrivener for the Voices.

Pink Floyd Part 1

Part 2 …

The Project Continues… AND Thank You Scrivener and Scapple. You’re GREAT!

Pura Vida


Santiago de Puriscal
Costa Rica