Multi-Volume Project

I am starting a multi-volume project and would like to keep it all together in one project file. Is that feasible? All the volumes together will run to something like 800,000 words, and I will be doing extensive research, with text from all kinds of sources as well as pictures, sounds, etc.

Could someone give me some advice on how best to set up this sort of project?



800.000 words seems OK although much, I am at nearly 400.000 in one project, without any delay at work. The size should be OK as well for only text and some urgently needed material. Considering my example now having 10 MB, the 20MB should not need multiple volumes.

I would do the rest of research in DevonThink, it is the better research tool when it comes to clipping from the web, and is made for data storage and quick searches. You can quickly end up with Gigabytes of data, and these should still not need more volumes, if I see it correctly.

Good luck with your plans,

I would recommend proceeding with the intention of keeping everything in one project. Scrivener should, in theory, be able to handle a project of that size even today. If you find yourself at 50% and feeling that the application is getting sluggish; forking a project is actually remarkably easy. The way I would do it is duplicate the project and then delete the respective parts from each fork from the two project files. That way you have all of your settings, meta-data, research, and so on intact.

I was thinking about it, and decided it would be best for my purposes to have a folder for each volume at root level, with the chapter folders as sub-folders, etc.

So I thought I’d just duplicate the main folder in the “Novel” template, one for each volume.

Now for the silly question:

Does the “pile of paper” icon have any meaning to the application? When I try to duplicate one of these folders for each volume, the icon on the duplicated folder changes into one of the regular folder icons.

You would actually be better off putting each volume in a folder beneath that “Draft” level icon. That is actually a special branch of the project (and that is why you see it changing icons when you duplicate it. Only one folder can be the Draft in a project). Within this, only text can go in there, and when you do a collection style export, only the files beneath the Draft are exported. So I’d set up something like:

+ Draft - Book One + Chapter One + Chapter Two + [...] + Book Two + Book Three

And so on. Feel free to change the name of “Draft” to something more relevant. When you export, you can tell the exporter to just use Book Two and ignore everything else. I highly recommend going through the tutorial (under the help menu) if you have not already. It goes over some of these basic principles and only takes perhaps forty minutes or an hour to go through, depending on how much you experiment.