MultiAuthor, MultiComputer Projects


I hadn’t considered it, but it’s a possibility. It would be rather a pain in the keister to have 60-70 projects for the entire working novel – and even more entertaining to try keeping the 60-70 projects for each of the other novels we’re working on – we’re doing an entire series.

And yes, we have a tremendous amount of research, including time lines and recurring characters. Trying to keep the information sheet on a recurring character up to date in hundreds of projects would be, uhm, well… time consuming. We do have a private Wiki with most of this so that we can access it from anywhere, but there are bits and pieces that apply to other bits and pieces.

Still, it’s a potentially useful thought, and I do appreciate it. I’ll shove it down in the subconscious and see what comes of it…

Works like a charm! Glad I found this via “search.” :smiley: