A donationware preference pane that I have nothing to do with aside from using and liking it. It allows you to use multifinger gestures with applications that don’t otherwise support them (assuming you have a Macbook that does).

I’ve used it to give me quick, trackpad-based zoom in/out in Scrivener (pinch/stretch), or to swipe left/right for switching between Binder and Editor. Not sure what other gestures I might add–those are probably the two things I do most, aside from “Split at… Selection” which is just fine as-is.

Makes a great program even better.

The usual download sites have it (MacUpdate, Versiontracker); for some reason, searching for it as two words (Multi Clutch) seems to work better.

Perfect. This is something I have been wanting ever since I first played with the new track pads. It seemed insane that Apple would just define a set of gestures that could never be changed or adjusted.