Multilingual specific menu for custom shortcuts

Hi there,
I was – and still am – a big user of custom keyboard shortcuts in Scrivener, via System Preferences > Shortcuts > Application Shortcuts - as adviced in the Manual.

I really created a lot of these shortcuts for Scrivener and almost didn’t need to clic on the menu bar anymore.
As you may know, you need to write the exact menu action name to enable your custom shortcut.

But since the last changes in Scrivener (when was that ? Scrivener 2.5 ? 2.7 ?), since the Menu is not English-only now and my menu is in French, I was bound to re-create all my shortcuts using the French menu names. But some of those menus aren’t accessible anymore.

For example, I can have a shortcut for Show > Editor, or Show > Corkboard, but I can’t have anymore one for Show > Outline. Maybe because there’s another “Outline” somewhere in the Menu ? In French : “Afficher > Plan”

My wish : that every menu action has a very specific and distinctive name (in English AND in other langages) and is shortcut enable – not all menu actions were shortcut enable, even at the time, before those last changes I was talking about, sometimes in a very awkward way, I never understood why. For example, I could never have the shortcut I wanted for some Inspector Show (Notes / References / Keywords / Metadata, etc.), wereas for other there were no problems.

Thank you for giving some attention to this little wish,
And go on the good work !