Multimarkdown compile problem: flattening hierarchy/levels

I’m facing a problem regarding MultiMarkdown compile; it ignores the levels/hierarchy I have as structure, and put everything on the same level.

It happens with exporting to MMD, HTML, TEX, PDF. I wish to use MMD for LaTeX, but I guess if one of them works, all of them will work too.
I tried setting all sort of base header levels, adding custom title suffix/prefix, none has worked.

Example with a PDF’s Table of Contents, I compiled the selected part:

Please help, I need to have it working for my master thesis! :slight_smile: Thanks!

That’s a strange result. You are using Scrivener to generate the titles dynamically when you compile, right, as opposed to having typed them all in by hand in the text editors?

Huh, just resolved it, I think it’s a bug. When you compile Current Selection, the levels are not passed on to the MMD converter (I guess).
When I selected a folder/files to compile from the outline in the dropdown, it works correctly.

Should I report a bug, or this is how it supposed to work? In the latter case, it’s a bit ambiguous.

Ah, no that is the way it works. I forgot about cases where an arbitrary result was being used as a flat list via the top content selection drop-down. Current selection, search results and other collections can result in flat lists. What you want to use, if the current selection is a filter rather than a verbatim list, is to use the “Filter” feature below the main content list.

In short, what you see in the Contents list, including depth, is how the outline will be calculated.