Multimarkdown Composer

Multimarkdown Composer is now available from the App Store.

Close to a must-have for MMD devotees, if only for pasting into for a quick preview to see if the table code you’ve typed is going to work.

I’ve given it a whirl with QuickCursor and Scrivener, and while that gets the words out of Scrivener and into Multimarkdown Composer, I haven’t managed to get the words back in yet (at least, not without pasting it in myself).

Probably the most wonderful thing would be for Scrivener to allow a text document to be opened in an external editor, so we could fiddle with the difficult bits in Multimarkdown Composer, but use the standard editor for the easy bits (and I mean easy bits of code, the writing is - of course - never easy).

Yeah, I got it! It’s a pretty good editor for initial release. For someone that has used TextMate for editing MMD all of these years, it doesn’t offer too much over—but there is a lot of potential for it and I’m happy to see a good dedicated editor as a platform for making something better than a TextMate bundle could ever be. It’s the best (M)MD editor I’ve tried yet. Works well with Marked, which is a fantastic tool.

On the integration problem: I’m getting that with everything. MMD Composer doesn’t seem to be properly closing the file in the way that QuickCursor needs to detect and update the original buffer. I tried in several programs and it never works. I could just paste, thanks to the new QC behaviour, but automatic pasting didn’t work.

Just to comment that this program is from the same author as MMD itself, Fletcher Penny; so it is worth purchasing if nothing other than to support (aka thank) Fletcher’s work on MMD!

I’m pretty sure he will be amenable to improving the workflow on this to integrate it further…

Yeah, I meant to mention that as well. I actually felt kind of bad for buying it early and getting it on sale.

Anyway, I was on Snow Leopard the other day and noticed that MMD Composer seems to be working flawlessly with everything, there. Maybe there are just problems in Lion—and who knows it could be QuickCursor at fault just as much as MMD Composer—I’m not sure how much custom wiring is required for each application in QC. You’d think if it were easy, Jesse would make it so any old application could be added to the QC menu by the user, instead of manually developing the list of editors himself. Back on Lion, I couldn’t get it to edit this posting and paste it back into the browser—but TextMate works.

One nice thing about the method of syntax highlighting in use is that it copies out as rich text. So it makes for a nice paste into Scrivener. Unfortunately QC seems to handle it purely as plain-text however so that gets dropped. Ah well, copy and paste to external-edit worked fine for me for 15 years.