Multimarkdown in the Windows version


I’m new to Scrivener and also new in this forum.
It’s very exciting to become familiar with all the features of Scrivener. I’m about to discover …
It’s also exciting to read the posts in this forum, especially about writing process and info management. Thank you for all the very usefull information and for sharing your experiences! It’s very helpful to me - in my job as a technical writer and in my private life as a writer-just-for-fun.

I have a question about using Multimarkdown in the Windows version. I found different information: the feature comparison list (dated Nov 11, 2011) says: “No MultiMarkdown support just yet (but coming soon).” But in the manual (windows) there is a chapter about MMD. In Scrivener itself, I can’t find any menue commands etc. concering MMD. So here’s my question:
Can I use Multimarkdown with Scrivener for Windows 1.2.5?
If not: Do you know when it will be implemented?

Greetings from Germany


Hi Berta,

yes, you can use Multimarkdown with the Windows release. In the updated Scrivener manual there’s a whole chapter (chapter 21) about MMD. The manual is accessible pressing the F1 key, and you find the MMD chapter under “Writing”.

Hello Franz-Josef,

thanks for your answer.
I have taken a short look at the chapter you mentioned, but didn’t read it very carefully, because I can’t found some commands. E.g. “Format > Convert > Bold and Italics to MultiMarkdown Syntax” (page 157).
Now I will try it out.

kind regards,