MultiMarkdown & Scrivener

Seriously, I am done.

I have worked with so many LaTex editors but when I saw Scrivener’s features I cursed myself for all the time I wasted. … ok enough for the weening…

But now the problem that I am facing is that in the Scrivener I cant see the Latex compilation options. I have installed the MultiMarkdown but I dont know whats the problem. I have MikTex 2.9 installed on my Win 7…I tried to follow a guide written by the author but that also doesnt explain the MultiMarkdown and Latex Support files integration…or it might be that I am loosing my (rough) edge.

Could anyone of you help me setting up all the three (MultiMarkdown, Latex and Scrivener) components from the scratch…let me add a “PLEASE” to the request…I hope you would understand the please in Caps.

With the exception of having a working LaTeX environment (which you don’t actually need for Scrivener+MMD, but it’s nice to be able to do something with those .tex files!) you don’t need to do any external installation at all. It sounds like you’ve picked up on some of the more advanced instructions, which are there if you need to do some tweaking, but for basic usage all you need to do is compile using the MultiMarkdown->LaTeX “Compile For” option. That will assemble the boilerplate files, run an embedded version of MMD for you, gather any graphics that need exporting, and put it all in a folder. Scrivener comes with MMD and the LaTeX boilerplate file repository out of the box.