MultiMarkdown Support Update

Just updating the thread so that no one exerts any unnecessary time/energy into problems that have already been solved.

We have an XSLT to convert Scrivener annotations into colored sections of text in a LaTeX document; XHTML and RTF are managed automatically.

Annotations will be exported by Scrivener as Text of annotation. The xcolor package is used by pdflatex to provide the color, as xcolor can use HTML formatted colors. xcolor was included by default in my pdflatex installation (MacTeX). I believe it’s standard (but correct me if I am wrong!).

The LaTeX stylesheet will use the memoir class (though the more ambitious should be able to alter the Scrivener application to use the XSLT of their choice for customized output.

Maybe one day there will be a mechanism in place to allow for sharing of customized XSLT for user formatted output. As a temporary fix, I am considering adding yet another built-in metadata field to MultiMarkdown to allow for customizing the activated latex packages on a per-document basis. In this manner, you could include a custom package that defines additional settings, page styles, chapter styles, etc.

Also, the current plan is to allow for the MultiMarkdownMath support included in the latest releases of MMD. This should be very helpful for those wishing to publish academic works in the sciences, or for anyone who wants to include formulas and equations in their works.

Looking forward to b3!!

And as always, I welcome feedback on MultiMarkdown, particularly from those who use it for larger works.

Oops - I inadvertently started a new thread, rather than replying to the intended thread… Oh well…

And as another example of something cool for MMD in Scrivener, I got in touch with the developers of BibDesk, and figured out how to add support for MultiMarkdown autocompletion of citations.

So now, if you use MMD and BibDesk, all of your BibDesk citations are a mere “Esc” key away…

I am trying to get this syntax added to the official distribution, but I plan on making the binary available on my web site some time soon. Technically this works with any Cocoa application that supports the BibDesk autocomplete feature (I don’t think TextMate does), but it still makes Scrivener much more attractive for those who use MMD.


Thanks for helping us all out so much! This implementation would not have been nearly as slick without your input and work on the support files.

Absolutely marvellous :exclamation: This, together with MMD support for LaTeX math, will put Scrivener at the top of the list of environments for scientific and technical writing. Thank you, Fletcher.

How does MacTex compare to the i-Package method of installation? Have you tried that one at all? I liked how many packages and options it supports, but it is a little complex and unintuitive. Upgrading is fairly painless.

I had used the fink package for years, and decided to try out MacTeX for the font support. I was impressed by how easy it was to install (big download, but it’s all precompiled.)

Consider this my recommendation for MacTeX, but not necessarily a recommendation against any other distributions of latex. But I am a thus far satisfied convert to MacTeX…


There is no reason to use anything but MacTeX for a new installation. MacTeX incorporates the i-Installer as a tool for installing optional packages and future updates of your existing installation.


Thanks for both of your answers. I’ll definitely write it down as something to use the next time I have to do an installation.

Right on… bookmarked the MacTeX site, and will download as soon as I’m not behind this stupid restrictive firewall. One more week… :-p