MultiMarkdown to LyX

I remember some posts here in the past that were interested in getting LyX output directly from Multimarkdown. I have worked with Fletcher Penney to implement that capability.

Here is a link to the announcement page:

And here is a link to a page with documentation specific to the LyX capability: … intenance/

Let me know what you think and if you find problems please post to the Multimarkdown Issues page:

Perhaps the Scrivener team would like to add a LyX option to the compiler?



Fantastic! I’ll see what Keith things about it, and it looks like RTF support was beefed up a bit too. We could step back from using the messy version that is in the software now.

I want to second that with emphasis!

It would be great to have that compile option directly in Scrivener.

Pretty please :wink:

Best wishes,


It would be amazing if this was incorporated at some point! I third the suggestion!

I would also like to see Scrivener include a compile MultiMarkdown to LyX option.