MultiMarkDown version

So , not a bug, but a curiosity. What version of MMD is being used? I see that V6 has been released recently. I was guessing that V5 is in use, though.

I’m asking because I was wondering how feasible it would be to use CriticMarkup in my workflow. I just discovered it recently, so it’s more of a curiosity so far. But I can see many uses for it at the same time.

Has anyone had luck using CriticMarkup with Scriv 3 yet?

The approach we have taken with CriticMarkup on the Mac is to support it through the various compile options that can export markings made to your text. You can find a partial implementation in the Styles compile option pane, for the “Basic MultiMarkdown” compile format. We’ve added an Addition, Deletion and Highlight set of styles that you could add to your project, and when you use them the prefix/suffix values in these settings will convert them to CriticMarkup.

In addition, the capabilities in the Annotations panel will be expanded. The the annotation markers should be {>> and <<}. What you can’t yet see is a set of fields for converting inspector comments to markup as well, where you’ll be able to use the highlight+note CM form quite easily.

They will come into play once MMD6 is integrated, and the new LaTeX compile formats are added (you’ll get margin notes and such out of the box). It’s a pretty nice system all around. I used my own homebrew change tracking syntax for years, before it came along, but I’ve been happy to switch over to it now that there are a variety of tools that support it in one fashion or another.