multimedia ebook?

Dear friends,

Sorry if that’s pretty simple. But I’m writing a short ebook and wanted to add videos and audios somewhere within a particular chapter, and do that with other chapters throughout the project as well.

Is it just a matter of pasting a link with a video or an audio between two paragraphs in Scrivener, or do I need a more advanced software for that to be read on an iPad, for instance? Can I have embedded videos; does the link show as a link for the reader in that case, or would it turn up as a window where the person can simply watch the thing there without having to leave the ebook?

thanks if you know and could help


Hello There VGorczeski,

Not sure if these Ideas will help, but I have been working on a few Projects using Scrivener, HTML5, and JavaScript for some Enhanced EBook Concepts myself.

Within Scrivener 2, I have been able to introduce: 1. Music Audio with Play, Pause, Rewind :: 2. Page Scrolling, controlling Speed, Play, and Pause :: and, 3. Electronic Speech Voices that READ the text Automatically in Different Voices.

Here are some links to some of the Projects using these Ideas, Scrivener, and a Web Browser. These are Video Captures, so the Qualities are not as high as the actually real time run on my Computer.

1. A Scrolling Text, with Voice Audio, and Music (the music is mine by the way)

A more advanced Concept, I call MediaFlow : It incorporates Audio Voice, Audio Music, and Scrolling with Controls, Video, SlideShows, Graphical Interfaces, and some HTML5 Trickery

2. DARK SIDE OF THE MOON, Part 1: in MediaFlow:

3. DARK SIDE OF THE MOON, Part 2: in MediaFlow:

Hope some of this Helps,

Costa Rica

Dear Roland,

While I find your samples great, I still have no clues about how to make them. It seems that I need to look for additional apps to develop what I intend to. If you know of any clear, down-to-earth tutorial that might be useful in that regard (combining scrivener and other simple (preferably free) apps), please let me know. Thanks for sharing this!