multiple adjacent footnotes

When inserting multiple footnotes, they get combined into one unless some non-footnote text is placed between footnotes.
If a space is used, it looks untidy as it is too wide compared with the footnote numbers, which have been superscripted automatically in the compile process.
A comma is narrower but doesnt work as it sits on the baseline.
A tidier solution is to use a comma as a separator, then superscript it.
select “,” then Alt ]


But be warned, adjacent footnotes can lead to the earlier ones disappearing when converted to Inspector footnotes!

You could try inserting a Hair Space character between the footnotes, or a Narrow No-Break Space. They are available in the Character Viewer palette that you get when you choose the Special Characters… menu item from the Edit menu. Just type “hair space” into the search box, and then click in the first slot under the “Unicode Name” heading in the central pane of the window. It’ll look like nothing is there at first, but that’s just because this is a space character. :wink:

Some of the concatenated references still disappear when converted to Inspector footnotes, so be warned.