Multiple auto-synopsis

The subject line says it all. But just in case it doesn’t: I often drag a bunch of stuff (note precise language here) into Scrivener and it can be dull clicking the auto-synopsis button time after time.

It would be very nice to be able to select the said Bunch of Stuff, hit auto-synopsis, and have them all… autosynopsified? Anyway, whatever the word, it would be nice to have it.

(Shall I just assume the answer is GO TO HELL, then, Keith? Okay. Fine. I’ll get my hat.)

(Alternatively Amber is going to tell me it’s already possible and this is how to do it… I only post here to get cut down to size, y’know.)

The problem you`re facing Michael, is is one of arse-about -facism.

You see: around these parts, you are something of an icon, at least to Keith and I. Keith could no more tell you to GO TO HELL!! than he could hire out his kids to an Edwardian Chimney Sweep. Where as, on the other hand, Amber has an iconoclastic streak in her as wide as the Mississippi in full flood(wider actually). She eats icons for breakfast.

[size=75]Michael, a word in your shell like: try and keep your masochistic tendencies, as in:( I only post here to get cut down to size, y’know.), under control. THe crew of Scrivener can be quite merciless pack like in their treatment of the weaker members of the crew[/size]

Le`D :smiling_imp:

Actually, Michael, come to think of it, Keith would hire out his kids, to an Edwardian chimney sweep, rather than tell you to go to Hell.


Not to conform to prophecy or anything, but unless I am misunderstanding you, doesn’t Scrivener already do this automatically (at least in the example you gave)? :wink:

What I mean is: When I drag a Bunch-of-Stuff from the Finder into the Binder, I get the traditional little warning about formats (until I tell it to never warn again), then all valid files are imported and each one has its synopsis card pre-filled, precisely in the manner that clicking on the button would do.

Actually Michael,
I was only joking about Amber eating Icons. Shes rather sweet actually [size=50](unless you cross her).[/size] I wasnt joking about Keith though.

I save my protein for after breakfast, anyway.