Multiple Backup Locations

The automatic (and regular) backup function is really useful, but it would nice if right in Scrivener we could have the option to backup to multiple folder locations. If something happens to one of the backup locations (say the computer hard drive itself), but there were a couple other locations where Scrivener had backed up to, then the backups would still be safe despite a malfunction in one of the locations.

Is this a possibility for a future update? I don’t know if this is even remotely possible with programming, but the option for multiple backup locations would be really nice.

It is possible, but this kind of thing is generally better done with file management tools, dedicated backup programs or even programs not intended for backup, but producing a similar effect. What a lot of people like to do these days is hook up their backup folder to SpiderOak or Dropbox so that as Scrivener creates backups, they are automatically uploaded to an external server that you have access to from anywhere, on any machine you configure to use that service. With Dropbox, if you have say two or three machines hooked up to your account, that means every backup Scrivener creates is automatically distributed to three or four (including their server).

I currently use the SpiderOak approach these days. All of my important files are uploaded automatically in the background. However over the years there are a few tools I’ve found useful for this:

  • Hazel is a great multi-purpose file management tool. It can duplicate files for you automatically, among many other things. I use it to keep my download and outbox folder clean, keep the trash emptied regularly and other such routine tasks.
  • An FTP client. If you have FTP access to some storage space, many modern clients have the ability to create a folder watcher, which is just a little applet that sits in a folder watching for new or changed files, uploading them to your server as they appear. Cyberduck, YummyFTP and Transmit are three I would look at (the first is free, and quite nice).