Multiple books in one Project

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I have a feeling that there’s no simple answer to this (stupidly long) question but I figured I’d ask it nonetheless.


So I have a single project containing a continuous series of books that I’m currently writing. Two of these have already been self-published while I’m finishing up on the third. (More are to come in the series.)


As part of the release of the third book, I’d like to compile new versions of books 1 & 2, with minor edits and typo fixes. Simple enough, however, since they’re all in the same project, this poses a few problems with the compile menu.

Basically, I’m required to manually recheck the file selections for each book individually when I come to compile. This is quite time consuming, while also opening the door to numerous errors (e.g. missing out chapters). It also means I have to go through the entire process every time I switch which book I want to compile.


Basically I’m wondering if there’s a way to do this automatically, perhaps by saving specific compile selections.

Note, I don’t mean saving compile settings, but specifically saving which the files are to be included in the compile.

I’ve attempted to do this using Collections, but the “included in compile” files don’t save with the collection, leaving me back at square one.

From where I’m standing, the easiest (and perhaps only) solution would be to simply have a separate project for each book. But as I’m sure you can imagine, I’d rather keep the series together in one project.

Apologies for the long read. Hopefully I made it easy for you to see what my problem is and where I’m coming from.

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If each book is in a folder of its own, selecting that folder and then compiling from current selection (with sub docs) should do what you want. You can select all the sub docs easily by holding the alt key when ticking the include option.

[attachment=0]current selection all.png[/attachment]

To add to Briar’s suggestion, the selection menu in the Contents pane will allow you to choose any of the top-level folders in the project. See the Interactive Tutorial project for an example.

You can also use the Filter command at the bottom of the Contents pane to include or exclude all the documents in a Collection.



Thank you for the quick and helpful replies!

I’ll be sure to give them both a try and get back if I have any issues!

Thanks again!