Multiple cards in freeform view

Watching a tutorial I cannot understand how the author created her example. She shows many index cards with just one collections title highlighted in the Binder.

I have not used Collections much yet but I am not aware of anyway to show more than one index card at a time? I can highlight several text documents, yes. Then there will be a group of index cards. But her example, using pictures and a free form grid appears to suggest there is a way to add several index cards to just one text document?

I am confused. I would love to know more about how this is done? IS it actually possible to have just one collection spot where I can put my visual ques? That would be wonderful - if true.

This is the tutorial for reference:

Much thanks. David

There is only one index card per text document. But a collection or a folder can contain many documents, and therefore many cards. That’s what you’re seeing in the video: the Character folder contains one sub-document – and therefore one card – for each character.


Still trying to grasp this … you are saying this is a collection on the video (I think that’s right) and that a collection can point to a folder, and a folder can contain many documents?

I have not used the collections feature before so perhaps this is what has baffled me? I can tell a folder is collapsed or not, but a single title in a collection, may point to a folder and that is why her example shows so many items?

If I am understanding this, it would be the same as selecting a folder and seeing all the documents within it in free form view.

In the video, you are seeing the Characters folder, which contains subdocuments, one for each character. (Notice how, in the Binder, the characters are nested under the top level.) Selecting the folder in Corkboard view (freeform or standard) will display the cards for all of those subdocuments.

Collections do not appear in the main Binder list. Rather, a Collection will have its own tab and list of component documents in the space where the Binder appears. While you can display the contents of a Collection on the Corkboard – by selecting multiple documents – that’s not what she’s doing here.