Multiple character sheets and the tutorial

I feel like these are dumb questions but 1. I want to set up character sheets for all my characters and it seems to just be letting me to set up one character only. And 2. I’m not sure that I’ve opened a new project as all the headings from the tutorial are still there. Does it stay when you start working on a new document? Am I doing something wrong? I am brand new to this.

Other people explain things better than I do, so this link will be the most help for a new project:

To add extra characters, just go where you want to make the new sheet and select “Create New from Template” and use the Character Template to make the new document as many times as you need to.

This other link is someone doing what I think you want to do with characters - hope it helps:

In a fresh project you would not be seeing any of the tutorial materials. So I would say, yeah, you did something wrong. Probably you just made a new folder or document within the tutorial project.