Multiple comments to a piece of text

Hello, I tried to add more than one comment to a text. What happens is that the last word is highlighted and I can edit the comment in the inspector window, but once I want to add another comment (using the +) it overwrites the old comment. The same goes for a comment on a word (ie highlighting a single word and adding a comment) and the additional highlighting of the entire sentence. If I do that and want to add a comment the single-word-comment is deleted.

Reason I am asking is that I often have a few ideas or comments on a text block, some on specific words/expressions etc. Maybe there is a better feature to use I have not yet explored…?

Please note that I am still on Scrivener 2 when replying to this topic.

Thanks a bunch!

Inline annotations are the best alternative when you need more commentary around the text than there is text to anchor it to. It is also possible to have a sequence of individual annotations by changing the colour of each one, they will only merge together into a single annotation if they all use the same colour: