Multiple Compile Formats

I may have missed this, but I am not seeing it in the prior posts or the manual. Here’s what I need to do:

Print out copies of “The Book” in a variety of partials, three being…

A) A major action sequence
B) The first two chapters, with front material, and the summary for each of the remaining chapters.
C) All chapters, with front material, without the summary for the remaining chapters (final proof)
D) As #C, with index, bibliography, and “Definitions”.

(A) is obviously handled with a collection. B, C and D cannot be done with a collection because they have formatting, paging, and so forth.
(B) can be created easily by ticking off the boxes for what to compile in the compile options. BUT THEN…

… I must destroy the (B) settings to do ©. D is an extension of C, so it is easy.

Is there a way to name and save presets which include these issues as described?


I am not sure why it is impossible to use collections for b, c, or d?

Try it?

  • asotir

The implementation of “Collections” does not seem to carry over to the compile options. Therefore, if I have the include/exclude set to print whatever, say just one scene and I then bring up 3 different collections, set each to compile in turn, over that entire series the “include” column is unchanged - it has the scene set to compile at the beginning.

They carry over for me. I have a bunch of Collections defined for a current document. The File > Compile option lets me select any of those (plus what ever was the implicit Search Results Collection). Selecting any of them shows me a reduced list of documents exactly matching the entries in that Collection.

Got it, thanks.

I was doing Select collection, then compile test.

Rather it is Compile, then scroll down in the selector box way to the bottom, where under “search results” are the “collections”.