Multiple computers/all Projects in Dropbox/ where should the Backups be?

As above, all Projects are in Dropbox accessed variously from main Mac Mini and two MacBooks… and resident on each.

For now, all backups are local to each respective machine.

Computer backups are a Time Machine on the Mac Mini, Backblaze on the Mini and my primary MacBook; Carbon Copy clone on the Mini daily and on the primary MacBook once a month.

I use the other skinny MacBook daily for a lot of input though.

What should i be doing… having backups and the original ,scriv file on Dropbox doesn’t seem right.

Please advise.



Yeah, I wouldn’t do that either. One important thing to keep in mind is that anything in your Dropbox folder is of course on your computer, so it’s getting backed up with your Time Machine and other setups.

So which to put where is a matter of preference. The safest approach is to put the backups on Dropbox, and the riskier but more convenient method is described here.