Multiple computers

Can a given license for Scrivener allow use on more than one computer? This is really more a sales question than a technical support issue. I asked the Scrivener sales department this question several days ago, and it has not answered.

The answer is yes, you may.
I think up to five computers per license.
Better wait for a more official reply, however.

Thank you, druid. I’m going to try a straight copy of the software to the new computer.

Man, oh man. I HATE to eat crow, but that’s the meal I’ve been served! I made a snarky remark about L&L not getting back to me re: the above question. I ignored the fact that I had just changed e-mail accounts, and the g-mail account I now use folded Astrid’s VERY PROMPT AND COURTEOUS response under my query. Perhaps worst of all, I treated my much-loved Scrivener poorly. SHAME