Multiple Concurrent File Structures

I intend for this to be a question, but it might be a (fringe) suggestion.

I’m trying out Scrivener to construct the rules for a game (paper and pen role playing game, not entirely unlike dungeons and dragons). For the most part, this has worked out quite well; until I tried to pull the pieces together.

My hope was that I could store all of the core rules alongside all of the game-world-specific content in the scrivener project (one core rules, but many game-worlds). I imagined creating one collection per game-world wherein I would combine and re-order the rules and game-world content for compilation and all would be well. An alteration to the rules would just require me to re-compile each collection but only one change to the specific rule-file would be needed.

The failing (perhaps my failing to understand) is that within a collection I cannot create a file hierarchy. I had hoped that I could create a collection, take content files from the binder but freely re-arrange them into a custom hierarchy that may have no relationship to the binder’s structure. I’ve tried tinkering for a while and came-up with nothing good.

If anyone has tried anything similar and found a functional solution I’d love to hear it (I didn’t see anything similar in the forum). Alternatively, if this sounds like a useful but lacking feature I’d love to request it. There’s always a chance that I’m simply using the wrong tool for my purpose, and I’ll accept that, too, if there’s no good solution.