Multiple copies and confusion?

Is there a quick, easy way to see the path information of the current project on which I’m working?

Let me clarify my problem:

I’m relatively new to using Scrivener, and relatively paranoid about losing information. So I set up an auto-backup feature and save to Dropbox. Then I manually save the project to SugarSync, to SkyDrive, and to a USB stick.

I recently opened Scrivener and went to “Open Recent.” I realized that I had the project/story I wanted to work on showing twice in the “Open Recent” menu – and both instances were named the same thing, “The Carpenter - Story 1.” I had no easy way that I could figure out to tell which instance of the project was located on the USB stick, which was the Dropbox story, the SkyDrive story, or whatever.

Is there some Scrivener for Windows way I can hove over the listing of “Open Recent” projects, or hover over any part of the project once I’ve had it open, so that I can tell what copy I’m working on??

I haven’t used MS Word much in recent months, but it seems to me there’s a way to display the Windows file path on an open Word doc so I can tell which copy I may be working on.

Hope this makes some sense?



I don’t think there is, but you can just use File->Open and navigate to the one you want to work on. If you don’t know where your copies are, you can search for that name + .scriv, and find the project folders wherever they live on your computer.

Thanks for the reply. I am so new to Scrivener yet that there are a number of things I just need to explore and discover for myself. :slight_smile:


If all you want to do is make numerous backups, and only keep one copy of it ready for editing, then I’d suggest you use file->backup->backup to… and select the “backup as ZIP file” option. That way, the backups don’t get added to the Recent Files list and you have to intentionally unzip one to edit it. This will help you avoid accidentally editing a backup instead of your work in progress.

Ah, excellent suggestions. I remember reading about backing up files in ZIP format, but it never occurred to me how useful that could be in preventing me from working on the wrong copy. Thanks.


I just detailed my process for backing up and syncing between multiple machines. You might find it useful: