Multiple Document changes?


I have organized my draft into chapters, which are folders containing scenes. All the chapters have “include in compile” activated and have the text “chapter XY” in it. I now decided that I don´t want have these headlines in the compile (for those who wonder why: each scene starting a new chapter has its own headline, the current date and time, and I found this is enough as a seperator, I don´t need to have “chapter XY” before it).
So my question is: can I change the setting (“include in compile”) for all chapter-documents at once? I don´t want to delete them, for my own organization, just don´t compile them.


You can just go to your Compile settings, and under Formatting, de-select the “Text” checkbox for folders at whatever level(s) you have your folders at. Then the text you included won’t be included.

Okay, but I see that it´s easier there than when selecting each one in the binder and changing it in the inspector. Thanks!

You can manipulate checkboxes en masse by using the Outliner. Click on your Draft folder in the Binder and switch the view mode to Outliner (Cmd-3), then add the “Include in Compile” column if necessary, by right-clicking anywhere in the header area. Now you should see your folders all lined up (if you’ve got other stuff at this level of the outline that you do want included, then select the folders with Shift-click, first) then hold down the Option key and click on any of the checkboxes to toggle them all. With a selection only the selected checkboxes will toggle, otherwise all visible checkboxes will toggle.

For future reference, a better way of printing titles in Scrivener is to let the compiler do that for you. That way if you wish to change the format or numbering style, you can do so in one single place rather than spending a half hour changing 50 text documents. You don’t have to worry about it for now, obviously, but just for future reference, you might wish to take a look at the novel starter template for an idea of how this can be done. The aforementioned Formatting pane is where all of this magic takes place.

Thanks a lot. That´s very helpful!