Multiple document notes for a single document

First of all - thanks for the warm welcome. I’m slowly getting used to both my new Mac and Scrivener. I’ve been “playing” with the trial all day and I noticed a number of things that I like: the full screen mode for example (which was a surprise since I didn’t think that would be important to me) or the global search and replace (that is so awesome since I have been known to change a character name at a lage stage).

I also like the document notes window next to an open document. What I wonder now is: can I make more than one note for each document? It is not an issue that would stop me from buying Scrivener, but if there was a way to have more than one, it would be a big help for my chaotical me to keep my project in order.

If there is one, I haven’t found it so far. (Newling, remember? :wink: )

There will only be one notes document, but you could keep separate notes in there, with some sort of delimiter (eg. ===================== between each bit).

Alternatively, something I have done before is create a top level “notes” folder to go along with Draft, Research etc. and had a notes file that corresponds to each document in the manuscript. You could do the same thing, but with multiple documents.

Admittedly it isn’t as tidy and seamless as the “Document Notes” itself (you need to do a little work to keep all the notes documents aligned if you shift things around, and to make sure you have the correct notes document open for the correct manuscript document), but it would be more flexible, and you can use Split Screen mode to view your notes and the main document at the same time.

Maybe some other users have other interesting ways they deal with this situation also.


You can also use Scrivener Links to create document notes. In document notes, hit cmd-L. This will create a new document with a link to it in the original document’s notes. The new document will be automatically placed in a “Notes” folder at the bottom of the binder, and you can open it in the split view whenever you want simply by clicking on the link in the notes. (Tip: Type some descriptive text and then select it in the notes area before hitting cmd-L to give the link a meaningful title.)

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VERY cool.

I’m beginning to understand those that say “I’m finding new things in Scrivener all the time”. There really is so many cool features in this program and when you think you know them all, something new like this pops up. Brilliant!


Thank you very much - that was a big help.

[size=150]Great.[/size] I knew about the possibility to create links, but I wasn’t aware it’s possible from the document notes window as well; for some reason I thought it’s only possible from the actual text.

This opens… possibilities.