Multiple Document - Single Source

This may have been asked and answered before, but I could not find it in a search, if so apologies in advance.

I am trying to write and compile about 20-30 different documents. But I would liked o have each document created off of a common set of source objects. Ideally I would be able to make a change in the source object and then republish all compiled documents that have been modified because of this change.

Is there a way to do this, or am I trying to do something the product was not designed for? (I have tried a few different ways and don’t seem to get it working right…)

It’s not quite designed for that, but I can think of one easy way of doing this that wouldn’t be too difficult to maintain and use: filtering by collections when compiling. To give it a basic try, select all of the items in the binder that you wish to compile for one of the documents. Open the collections interface (View/Collections/Show Collections) and click the + button. Okay, now you have flat list of all the selected items. Removing an item from the collection will remove it from the document, adding one to the list will restore it. Order doesn’t matter, we’re only going to be using this as a selection filter. Now go to the Contents compile option pane, and at the bottom enable the filter feature. Set it to include documents in collection, and then pick the collection you just created. The contents list above should now filter out everything in the draft that is not featured in this collection. The order and hierarchy is maintained, meaning you don’t have to mess with Formatting rules or other settings.

So, in theory you could set up as many of these collections as you need and produce documents based off of them. Where it isn’t quite designed for what you describe is in automation. There is no way to compile off all 30 different collections. You’d have to go through one by one. That’s not terribly difficult to do, but it wouldn’t be something you want to do every day.