Multiple documents in a binder

On a recent Mac Power Users podcast, Andy Ihnatko stated that he keeps all of his articles for a project (ex. Macworld, Suntimes, blog) in a single Scrivener binder. Each article plus any other research for that articles is kept in a separate folder, and this way over a period of time he can search back for references, or keep track of topics.

I’d love to of this myself for my blog, so I can see everything I’ve written say over the course of a year. But I am confused as to how the research folder would be used since this is global for the entire binder. Also how would I incorporate the drafts folder in this scenario? How would I sync to en external folder for editing on an iPad? Am i missing something?

Thanks for any tips or suggestions.

I haven’t heard the podcast, but from memory I think a number of contributors to these forums handle their short-form writing in a similar way.

It seems to me that you have a number of choices, including putting your research items if text or rtf in the your Draft folder alongside your articles but not including them in your compile, References, and my particular favourite, Scrivener Links - plus of course replicating your Draft folder structure in your Research folder, which in this case is probably what I’d do. (If you’re unfamiliar with References or Scrivener Links, it’s worth checking them out in the Manual.)

I don’t use an iPad for editing, so can’t advise on that aspect.

That’s what I’d do too.

Awesome, thanks - I’ll give that a try!