Multiple documents missing from search results

I’m missing multiple documents from my search results. They should be there: I’m searching in “All” for “Any word” for “Included documents” but they don’t appear.

I’ve checked each missing file’s metadata but nothing looks off. I’ve tried searching on the document’s title using the Search in “Title” option; I’ve tried searching for a word in the file’s body using the “All” operator. The documents still don’t appear in the search results even though they’re in the binder and several collections.

It’s not just one document, it’s multiple that I’ve found so far, and this bug is inhibiting my workflow. For example, when I search on all documents in the “Done” status several documents marked as Done don’t appear. Am I missing something obvious? I’ve tried everything I can think of. Thanks!

Following up: I reinstalled Scrivener and this issue went away, the search function now works as intended.