Multiple Entries on Table of Contents for Same Binder Item

I have a nonfiction book with images that I’m attempting to compile for .mobi. One section with multiple images has a page break inserted after each image/caption so that they don’t run together. However, now that one binder item shows up SEVEN times on the auto-generated TOC. I’m guessing this is because it thinks the page breaks signify the start of a new document. Is there any way to fix this without having to remove the page breaks? Or is there some other way to ensure each image and its accompanying caption winds up on a page by itself?

Thanks for your help.

You can manually create a TOC and link just to the first image document to avoid this problem. Chapter 23 in the user manual (available from the Help menu) gives the steps for doing this; the e-book mention there will also give you a link to the compile section for setting up your compile options to use the TOC you create.