Multiple Format Problems All of a Sudden


I’m in one of those black hole situations. I have a manuscript I’ve been working on for some time. It’s set up in the binder with many, many scenes. Because of a mal-functioning computer and broken backup flash drive, I’m having to go back through months of saved files, both scriv and RTF compiles and import various pieces to the new master file. I also occasionally import notes which come in various formats. I have been trying to set the whole document to be Calibri 14 point but after getting the default Courier to finally default to Calibri, it stubbornly has put itself at 11 point. Nothing I do changes it.

I also have the line setting at 2x but it periodically changes to 2.0/xxxx – where the xxxes represent some numbers which I can’t remember and currently can’t get my file to reproduce. When this happens, the program automatically inserts an extra line in between paragraphs. I do Control A to select all the text and then change the line setting to 2. It will stay there for a while but sometimes reverts to this peculiar version of 2.0xxxx.

Looked through the manual and other posts to see if I could get a line on these two problems but no luck.

Anyone have any suggestions?

Many thanks,

Recently, I

Hi Jane

It sounds like you’re trying to accomplish this through the Format Bar. I suggest you try changing the default text attributes (Tools > Options > Editor) to Calibri 14 along with your preferred indents and line settings. Then run (Document > Convert > Formatting) to apply your new prefs to existing docs.

You can use this command to reformat several docs at once by selecting them in the Binder.

Good Luck

Hi Jerome:

Well, I did as you suggested. Calibri 14 was already entered. And 2x. But the line length ended at 7.28 and I can see no way to get it to 8.5. The line simply ends. I think I should get this taken care of before I apply to all documents. Suggestion?

Thanks, Jane

This is where the interface could use some improvement. On the default text attributes screen, you can use the line spacing dropdown. Scroll to the bottom, and click on “More.” That’ll get you a numeric control for both indents and line spacing.

I know of no way of editing an existing entry, however! But if you add new entries with “More”, you can experiment on a single doc at a time to get the effect you’re looking for. You can extend the right margin that way, although I’m not sure it matters; lines wrap at the pane width at some point.

Rgds – Jerome

Thanks, Jerome! Everything’s working now. :smiley:

Boy, I’m really having a day of it with Scrivener. I just typed a message and it went bye-bye so apologies if both wind up being posted.

I did exactly what you suggested, Jerome, and everything’ was just fine until I imported an accented letter from Word into my Scrivener document (haven’t been able to find accented letters in Scrivener). All of a sudden, all the crazy settings came back. 6.5 inch margins, single space, Calibri 11, and 2.0x 10.0/0.0 spacing. So, I went through the same exercise again and I can’t get rid of the 2.0 x 10.0/0.0 setting. For the moment, everything else seems ok. Fingers crossed.

I’m hoping you can tell me how to get my spacing to stay at 2 and also the best way to import accented letters in the future.

Many thanks,

I forgot to mention one other new formatting problem. Scrivener is now adding extra space between paragraphs. Within paragraphs, from the bottom of one line to the top of the next line is just under1/2 inch. But from the bottom of the last line of a paragraph to the top of the next paragraph, it’s almost 2/16ths over. Any suggestions?


Hi Jane

The easiest way to insert an accented character is through Character Map, on the Edit menu. If you use a few repeatedly, you can try the “Edit Substitutions” mechanism under Tools > Options > Corrections. Or paste the special characters into Project Notes, so you can borrow them later.

When you run “Convert Formatting to Default Text Style”, be sure the document you’re converting has been selected in the Binder. Beyond that, no idea why this command is no longer working for you, sorry.

Rgds – Jerome

When you import a document, in most cases it will retain its formatting, so as Jerome said, you’ll want to use the Documents > Convert > Formatting to Default Text Style command to convert it to your preferred Scrivener formatting after import. If you don’t, further typing in that document will continue to pick up the settings from the existing text there, just as it would do in Word or most other word processors, carrying over the indentation, alignment, spacing, font, etc. of the preceding paragraph.

The before and after paragraph spacing can be set in the spacing dialog, available via Format > Text > Spacing… or from the “More…” option in the spacing drop-down menu. This is what’s indicated by the 2.0x 10.0/0.0 spacing that you mentioned–that’s 2.0 line spacing multiple (i.e double spaced) with 10.0pt spacing before paragraphs (and 0 spacing after). It should be converted to your default settings if you select the document and choose Documents > Convert > Formatting to Default Text Style. Is that not working?

Perfect! Thanks MM and Jerome.


I spoke prematurely. I did everything as instructed and it all changed for the one document I was in. Even tho I applied the document convert to default formatting style, as soon as I went to another one, it reverted to the 6.5 right-hand margin. Everything else seems correct. Then, I went back to the previous document and it had reverted to the 6.5, too.



Ok, when you’re talking about a 6.5 right-hand margin, do you mean that the right-indent marker on the ruler is sitting at 6.5 inches on the ruler? How wide is the visible ruler for the editor? What settings do you have for the editor margins in the Options? When there is no right-indent set, the marker should just stick to the right edge of the ruler, so it will move as you make the editor wider or narrower. If you have a specific indent set, however, and your editor is narrower than that, the marker will stay where it’s set and not be visible on the ruler, even though the text will still wrap at the edge of the editor rather than scrolling off the edge. As you widen the editor so that you hit that point on the ruler, you’ll see the marker and then the text will wrap just to that point, even as you widen the editor.

I’m wondering if you’ve accidentally set the right-indent to a specific point in the editor options, rather than having it wrap to the edge. Try opening the Options and dragging the right indent marker all the way off the right edge of the ruler in the Editor tab to clear it (so it will snap to the right edge) or selecting “More” from the spacing drop-down and then ensuring all the line and paragraph spacing info is as you want it and setting the right indent to 0.00 inches. Does that work more permanently if you then use the Documents > Convert > Formatting to Default Text Style on one of the documents with the 6.5 right indent?