Multiple index cards affect alternate editor immediately?

When I have both editing panes open, several index cards visible in the left editor, and View > Selection Affects Alternate Editor is checked, selecting a single index card causes that document to immediately appear in the right editor.

But selecting multiple index cards doesn’t immediately open an Edit Scrivenings session with those documents in the right editor. To do that I have to choose View > Open In > Alternate Editor.

Is there a philosophical reason that the alternate editor doesn’t immediately reflect multiple selections? Or can this be changed? (I could swear that at one point the editors did behave the way I wish for, but I’m probably wrong.)


Actually, the problem is not philosophical. The behaviour you describe would be perfectly intuitive and quite convenient. The problem is technical. To fully support the range of computers and their various abilities to handle lots of text, this feature was never enabled for performance reasons. Accidental selections, for example, in an area where potentially many tens of thousands of words could be assembled, would greatly reduce the responsiveness of the application.

Ah, accidental selections. I see the problem. Got it.


Just to clarify, this should not open an Edit Scrivenings session, but it should show the index cards of the selected documents for a multiple selection. But it doesn’t - this was an oversight in 1.0 which has been fixed for 1.01, which will be out in the next few days. Keep an eye on that auto-update. :slight_smile:

So since the update check runs when you open Scrivener, if you never close Scrivener it’ll never tell you there’s a new version!

(And by “never” I mean that I last shut down Scrivener when System Update told me I had to reboot my computer. :slight_smile: I can’t recall exactly but I think that’s getting on a month now.)

janra - Scrivener > Check for Updates… is your friend. :slight_smile: Sometime over the weekend, I reckon.

Oh, I know about that menu item :slight_smile: