Multiple inspector HUDs in Full Screen?

Is there a way to display a synopsis and Document Notes in Full Screen mode?

Not both in the inspector, but you can open the same document in a Quick Reference window and then view the synopsis there and document notes in the inspector, etc.

I might not be understanding the question (or response; I’m definitely in a Friday night state of mind), but can’t you just open the HUD inspector in full screen? This shows all the meta-data, except snapshots. I suppose you can do the same with a QR window, but if it’s the same file you are editing, you might as well just use the Full Screen Inspector HUD.

Oh. Yes. I thought you meant can you view both document notes and the synopsis at the same time. So to do that you can open the inspector and then also open the same document in a QR window and use one to display notes and one to display synopsis, resizing as necessary.

You could also just use the inspector and use ctrl-opt-cmd-I and ctrl-opt-cmd-H to switch back and forth easily.

I should have said, “can you open BOTH Synopsis and Document notes HUD windows at the same time…”.

I didn’t think there was a way, but I’m always discovering new capabilities in Scrivener, so I thought I’d ask.