Multiple installs in Window's programs and features?

I was uninstalling some unused software from Windows and noticed many Scrivener installs from the various beta version shown in Programs and Features. Are those all separate installations or they are overlapped? Can I uninstall the earlier beta versions or that will uninstall the current beta too?

No one?

I believe that the first uninstall will remove the actual binaries and registry entries for Scrivener (regardless of which version it is) because the installer should be updating the current entry, not creating a new one.

In the past, I have resolved this by:

  1. Saving my preferences, layouts, etc.
  2. Uninstalling the current version and confirming the Scrivener installation folder is now gone
  3. Attempting to uninstall the remaining Scrivener entries. They should give the error that it appears to be already uninstalled and ask if you want to remove the entry from the installed programs list. Yes to each one.
  4. Once the list is clear, a precautionary reboot in case there are any file replacements pending, and then install the current beta version.

However, I believe they fixed this bug sometime back around the timeframe, because my current Scrivener installation on Windows 10 says that it was installed on 4/29/2020 and is version – there are no duplicate entries showing any more. I use the in-program updater, BTW.

Ran into the same thing, and I think it happened because I wasn’t actually uninstalling each iteration of the beta every time I updated to the new one. When I noticed it, I had to go through and get rid of every entry by uninstalling it separately, and dealing with the “files not found” popup.

When they tell you to uninstall before installing the latest iteration of the beta, they damn well mean it. RTFM, is all I could say to myself…

Yeah. This is stupid.

The auto-updater, and the downloaded installers, should remove the previous version’s registry entries.

In using computers for over 35 years, I have never had a program do this.

You’re right, and it should, but in the grand scheme of things, it’s a harmless bug. L&L knows about it – I believe there is already a bug tracking entry for it – so they will get around to fixing it at some point. Perhaps when they have another bug or two regarding the installer so that it makes sense for them to spend the time poking around with that portion of the build.