Multiple Label Changing in Corkboard Mode

So, like everyone else here, I have a torrid love affair with Scrivener. Seriously. One of the best programs i’ve used, EVER.

That said, a quick question. We can select multiple notecards in corkboard view to shuffle them – would it be possible to do mass label actions as well? I mean, the little pushpin color is such a cool effect, and wanting to apply the same label to n cards currently requres 2n clicks, which stacks up fast if you want to label, say 5 cards as “big plot arc” or something.

You can do that in beta 4. Select multiple cards, right click (or ctrl-click), and choose the status or label. All selected cards will change.

Shit, I was just trying, and failing, to do that a couple days ago. Wonders never cease.

A couple of days ago, beta 4 wasn’t out :slight_smile:

Yeah, that’s why I was like, you know, ‘wonders never cease,’ because isn’t it funny, you know, that like, now it works. Because I was just wishing it would. Before.