multiple language versions of same photo book?

I am creating a photo ebook in multiple languages. Each photo is on its own individual pages. The text pages can be changed to a different language without altering the books structure.

Does anyone know how to create multiple versions of this? So that I can just change the text on different pages. For example so that in the future I can update the same page throughout each language (manually one at a time) without having to create new books each time?

OK, here’s what I’d do … slightly different from the system I use for editing 'paragraph-by-paragraph" translations; I use Labels as I’m only dealing with text files not photos which have to go with the text files.

1: Put your photos and each language blurb in separate “Scrivening” documents, in the order they are to appear, e.g.
English blurb
Chinese blurb
French blurb

2: use keywords to mark the blurb documents with the name of the language, and mark the photos using all the language language keywords.
3: use the search function from the top left to search for the keyword from the language you’re wanting to work on/compile, perhaps save the result as a collection, if that helps.
4: In the compile dialog, show “All Options”, then from the dropdown which will probably currently show “Draft”, choose “Search Results”.

Set everything else in Compile the way you want and away you go.

Hope that helps — especially, that it works the same way under Windows.

Mr X

thanks, awesome stuff, works better than i had imagined what could be done :slight_smile:

Glad it worked for you. :slight_smile:

Mr X