Multiple Licenses with one account?

Hi, I’m brand new to Scrivener. I’ve been a StoryMill fanatic for years but as it is only available for MAC, I am now trying your software.

I have a windows Box, a MAC and some smaller devices (phone, tablet). I am a weekly commuter, so live in an apartment during the weekdays, where I have my Windows Box.

I am perfectly happy purchasing a separate license for each of the different operating systems, but can I have them with the same account? Is there a discount available for a single person buying multiple products?

Thank you so much, :slight_smile:

Thank you for your interest in Scrivener.

We offer a discounted Mac/Windows bundle for people who use both platforms. It’s available through our store at

The iOS version is in beta testing and has not been released, so I’m not able to comment on pricing. I don’t think the iTunes store is very friendly to discount pricing, though.


Yeah, I bought the bundle as well, it’s actually nice that you guys have such a thing and don’t make users pay twice like some software companies.