Multiple Outliner layouts and assignable custom meta-data

I’ve finally dived into the outliner and I love it. I use custom meta-data, so my manuscript folder’s outliner shows all the things needed for each scene – columns for goal, conflict, disaster, setting, time period, etc. It’s awesome.

But when I go to my character folder, I don’t want that outliner layout. I don’t need columns concerning my scenes here. I want columns for age, gender, physical description, motivation, etc. It’d be nice to set different outliner layouts on different folders/documents. It’d also be handy to have a save-as and load layout function available in the top or bottom bar of the outliner view.

Now if we have different outliner views on various folders there’s likely going to be a bunch more custom meta-data fields. It’d be useful to be able to show/hide what you want to see in the custom meta-data tab of the inspector at a parent level. For example, you select a folder (or document) and go to the custom meta-data tab of the inspector. You’ll see a long list of meta-data fields, but not all of them are relevant. It’d be useful to click the gear-icon dropdown, then have an option to check/uncheck which custom meta-data fields you want visible for this folder. This would also affect it’s subfolders and documents.

Yes, please…my kingdom for multiple, save-able outliner layouts.

(NB: My kingdom is small and possibly imaginary, but it’s yours for the taking.)

For those interested in this functionality, Keith just commented on it in his latest blog post:

Though I’m sad it’s not in the initial release, I’m ecstatic that it’s been acknowledged and may possibility arrive in the future. That’s just awesome! Thanks, Keith :slight_smile:

Have you tried using the Layout Manager in the current version?

At least in the Windows version, it can save Outliner settings, so it may give you a workaround for the time being.

@JimRac - Thank you!! I wasn’t aware saved layouts also saved outliner’s column layouts. I just tested it out and it works!! YES! I’d still love to assign outliner layouts based on the folder, but this totally helps in the mean time :slight_smile: