Multiple Outlines

Hi all,

I use Scrivener for preparing to write screenplays. I have used it inefficiently for many years, and now I need to break that trend.

My practice is to outline extensively first, then write using Final Draft. But my outlining involves many, many versions - all of which I like to keep.

At present, I open a new Scrivener file for each outline.

I am looking for a way to have all versions in the one file, and enable me to create a new file from the last, the new file being one on which I can move around the various plot points. For me, this allows me to “grow” the story until it feels organically correct. I don’t wish to lose the earlier outlines as there are often things in those that I need to refer back to, or use.

I expect there has been something that allows me to do this, and it has been right under my nose, but your help would be appreciated.

Thank you.

I would try duplicating your outline at the top level (presumably the whole draft folder). Just hit Cmd-D, wait a few seconds, and rename it so you know that one is older. Now you can continue refining in the draft folder.