Multiple pages per sheet on PDF export?

After way too many weeks, my book is finally in a state where I want to send it to the first reader for feedback.

But cost is a factor, so I’m looking for a way to get more than one page on every sheet of paper.
Is there a way to output maybe two pages per sheet, side by side? Can’t find anything in the export options.

Ok, 1: This belongs in the Scrivener->Mac forum.
And 2: I got it to work by exporting to Mellel as a .docx and doing it there (in the print popup, select Layout and choose “2”). Didn’t print out the footnotes, but close enough.

You can do this by choosing the Print option, then in the printer settings (after clicking Compile) choose the number of pages per sheet and select to save to PDF. Footnotes should be included in a PDF, print, or DOCX compile–did you check the Footnotes & Comments setting in compile to ensure they hadn’t been accidentally excluded?

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