Multiple Perspectives

I have just started using Scrivener and I love it. I thought I’d try a writing experiment. I’m swapping around to different characters and changing my writing style based on who is the focus. Each perspective change is accompanied by a new section. I figured out how to create distinctive section markers but I have a couple more questions related to this. One of the perspectives is written in poems and I want to center it on the page when it gets compiled, is this possible? I’d also like to get the different perspectives into their own collection, is there a way to do this effectively?

Thanks in advance.

Are you using the Label metadata to march each perspective/Point of View? If so, then you can search just the label for each PoV value to create collections. The search tool in the toolbar has a little icon in it; click that to get your search options.

If you aren’t using the Label, or are using it for something else, then maybe the Keyword function would be suitable.

Here’s a handy link I found for color coding PoV if you use Labels for it: … scrivener/

Edit: as for your question about alignment, it depends. If you are alternating every other document, then you could stack one PoV onto another, so that text documents at level 1 are standard format, but documents at level two are the ones you want centered and so forth. To understand “levels” in the compile process, think of outline levels, where typically I, II, III, IV, V… are level 1 and the A,B,C,D… entries under each of those headings are level 2.

Then, you could use the compile settings to have the appropriate level for the poetry formatted however you like, even if you mess up the formatting on a couple of lines 50 pages in.

The other option is to use “Preserve Formatting” on the entire text of the poetry documents. I believe that’s under the Edit menu somewhere (use the Help menu’s search tool and type in Preserve to find it).

Alright, thanks for the advice and quick reply. I’ll give both of those a shot.

If you’re centring the poems in the editor as you write, to maintain that alignment when you compile go to the Formatting section of Compile, click the Options button and then check the option to “Preserve alignment” and, if you wish to limit it, “Centered text only”. Note these options are only available if you have “Override text and notes formatting” switched on in the compile formatting–but if you haven’t, then you’re just going to get the editor formatting anyway, so either way the text alignment is preserved.

Ok, sweet. Thats the kind of trick I was hoping for. Thanks.