Multiple Project Load?

Will the new version of Scrivener load multiple projects at start up?

Some time ago I was told the new update would automatically start up whatever previous projects were running when I clicked the ‘close all’ dropdown button on my last session, but only the last project to close when I shut down reopens at the next start up.

Any way for me to get the desired results?

If “Reopen projects that were open on quit” is selected, all projects open when choosing File > Exit will reopen automatically when you next launch Scrivener.

Hi Jennifer.
The “Reopen projects that were open on quit” box IS checked in the Startup Options menu. But only the last project that closes reopens on start.
(I think the duel load may have worked the first time I used the upgrade; but not since)

Hm, this is working in all my tests. Are you maybe choosing File > Close All Projects instead of File > Exit? You need to choose the latter to exit the program without closing the individual projects in order for Scrivener to remember all of them as being open.

Yes, File->Exit produces the desired results :smiley:
Again, thanks for your help :exclamation:
But the word ‘exit’ at the bottom of the menu list isn’t an intuitive choice for re-opening ‘projects’ when you’re closing down ‘projects’ with the words ‘close all projects’ near the top of the list :frowning:

A future modification perhaps…

File > Exit is the standard menu item to close a program. Scrivener is a multi-window application, so you can choose Close All Projects and have it then show the template chooser for creating a new project. You can also use Close All Projects to prevent Scrivener opening all six projects you were referencing when really next time you’re going to want to start fresh with just the one main project you’re working with. So the different menu items give you flexibility for handling this.